Turbomed Medical Practice Software


Turbomed is the perfect tool for managing a solo medical practice.

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Billing and Coding



Save time:

Automatic coding using templates for quick and accurate ICD10 and tariff codes.

Automatic fee calculations - different scales for different medical schemes as well as standard scales.

Optimize your work-flow:


Follow-up reminders, to-do notes, automatic date-stamps to keep track and schedule  tasks.

Make tick-off lists and mail merge letters or emails in OpenOffice with data exported from your practice.

Use  EDI, email and SMS to communicate electronically with medical schemes and patients.

Run a mobile and paperless office from a  laptop computer.

Use your data:

View information interactively to analyse your practice.

Financial and clinical data reports.

Analyse monthly and day-of-week variations.

Export data to Excel or OpenOffice to draw graphs and charts.

Tools to help continually improve and promote your practice.