Turbomed FAQ

What is Turbomed?

Turbomed is a medical billing program for producing accounts with correct codes and fees. It  records payments and keeps track of due accounts and queries. Accounts can be sent out using EDI or printed or they can be rendered as JPG images for emailing or emailing to fax.

Turbomed records financial information for income and VAT as well as useful practice management information to help schedule work and to monitor and plan the business of your practice.

Turbomed doesn’t deal with the details of clinical work scheduling or patient appointments but it does provide a field to reference and locate patients’ clinical records.

What does it Cost?

For medical or dental practices: R3000.

For therapist practices: R2000.

This is a once off cost for version 5.x. When a new version (6.x) is released users can opt to purchase the new version or continue with their version 5.x.

(Turbomed is also available as a monthly subscription which includes free upgrades.)

Who uses Turbomed?

Any healthcare practice. Our users include specialist practices, GPs, dentists and therapists. Most are solo practices in South African, but there are some in Namibia and Zimbabwe. The program can be set for any coding and fee preferences and currency. Turbomed works well for billing bureau’s to administer multiple practices.

What are the Requirements?

Any version of Windows from Windows 98 onwards. It also runs on Apple Mac using the ‘Parallels’ emulator program.

Turbomed doesn’t depend on any special software or hardware or database. But depending how you want to run your practice you will need to consider some extras:

Internet connection:

  1. Turbomed can produce JPG images from any output function so you can  use email  or email-to-fax to bypass the need for a printer it you have an Internet connection.
  2. Dropbox or another Cloud storage application works well for security backups and for sharing data, for example to outsource to a billing bureau.


  1. A black & whiter laser printer is ideal if you need to print accounts, receipts and reports.
  2. A memory stick for security (off computer) backup of your practice data.

Other software:

Turbomed can export data in comma-separated-value (csv)  format to MSOffice or (free) OpenOffice programs which although non essential, they will expand what you can do with charting, tables, form letters and contact management.

Does it have any special advantages compared to other practice management programs?

Best value and most versatile. You are able to test it on your own before you buy. It’s easy to use. It’s quicker than other billing programs because it uses memory based processing. Good data management (including archiving old data). It uses an open data format (delimited text) compatible with many open source applications which allows you to produce more reports than other programs - including the clinical statistics taken from accounts data.

What’s its History?

Turbomed has been going for 20 years. Windows 95 introduced the controls and 32 bit memory to make it possible to store a lots of data in memory and view an entire practice interactively, the basis for how turbomed works. Before that there was a very simple database DOS version. Many people, mainly anaesthetists offered ideas. Turbomed has evolved from  these suggestions and feedback.  

How to Start?

Click the download link and choose ‘Run’, or download a copy of the installer to your computer. There is a short PDF manual installed with the program. that you can print out. Before you start building your real practice try setting up a test practice and adding one or two accounts to see how things work. You can test as many practices as you want using a free 50 account trial on each.

You can start a new practice from scratch and build up data slowly or you can save time and start with template practice with some of your specialty codes and the medical schemes data included. You will find some templates in Turbomed’s file menu -  New Practice command. Just open a template practice and and rename as your own using File>Save As.

Getting Help?

Please use the PDF manual installed with the program as well as Windows help when you use the program. You might find other useful information in the Tips & Tricks section of the website. For more help please email me.

email: support@turbomed.co.za 

office: 011 783 8499

cellphone: 082 410 2620.